Taskbar system

Adjust your Taskbar, customize colors, its transparency or enable autohide. No other 3rd party app is needed to make your Taskbar truly yours.

Safe and clean

Nothing in the Taskbar system is hidden because we are ZERO tolerant to adware, spyware and similar harmful functionality. Everything about the Taskbar System, how it works and what we ask from you for exchange is clearly stated in the EULA

Super lightweight and easy to use

Feel no lags or full memory issues. Taskbar system does the job without interruptions and without CPU or memory intensive effects

Full control

You are in full control of your Taskbar and customizations. Change whatever you want, turn ON or OFF whenever you need.

Taskbar system functions


Customize single or multi display Taskbar. Any screen size.


No system should be overused. Taskbar system use your system fairly.


No geographical restrictions. Taskbar system just works everywhere.


Your perfect desktop image should not be covered, and should be visible. Taskbar system helps you see more.


You are in full control. Always.

Even more

Keep Taskbar system up to date to get all the features. We work hard to make it better, to give you more.

Download for Windows
(other platforms to come)

You can use the software free of charge by allowing our proxy service use your connection to legally retrieve content from public websites.

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